Water Cake

A Japanese bakery, Kinseiken Seika, is cooking up a storm and it’s getting all over the world wide web.

The dessert they are cooking up is the mizu shingen mochi and it is a rice cake that is made out of… you guessed it water from the Japanese Alps.

A Tweet from a customer said that the dessert “has a pleasant natural sweetness… (and) goes incredibly smoothly down your throat.” 




Goat chili cheese fries, fish tostadas (fried whitefish. shallot aioli, chickpeas onion salad), and deep-fried pig’s tail with pickled radish @ Little Goat in West Loop with @sputnikhearts!! ♥♥♥ Unfortunately spent dinner harried and distracted because a work crisis surfaced 30 minutes before our reservation ㅜㅜ ㅜㅜ but I’m super happy I managed to catch Kara before she continued en route to Colorado!